The Framework for Implementing with Partners has been developed in consultation internally with UNHCR staff and externally with Partners and other stakeholders. We would like to thank all the persons that have contributed in this process. This Learning Programme is the outcome of this collaborative effort. The course targets UNHCR staff and Partners and aims at providing the information, knowledge and skills required for successful implementation with Partners. The Learning Programme is designed as a self-study that anyone can take by simply downloading the learning material. Upon completion of the self-study, a UNHCR certification can be provided for those who will be interested in such. All the partners having access to the Partner Portal can take this Learning Programme, simply by downloading the Learning material and going through the course Important: To allow fast download, please save every module on your computer's hard drive before going through the Learning Material. The modules have special 'paper-based/interactive' format, that allows the Learner to use the Material without Internet connection.